Our seals are designed to give long life, provide automatic self adjustment and reduce maintenance costs.

Important Advantages of Mechanical Seals

Absolute Sealing

Proper selection and installation of our seals results in contamination free fluids, less pumpage loss, cleaner facilities and significantly reduced risk from fumes and fire hazards.

Avoid Expensive Replacements

Replace packing with a mechanical seal and avoid expensive shaft or sleeve replacements.

Long Service Life

Compared to packing, mechanical seals are more flexible, and are able to compensate for shaft deflection, axial and radial end play, vibration and seal face wear.

Valuable Power Savings

Mechanical seals create less friction than packing, requiring less horsepower consumption.

Eliminate Break-In Runs

Positively control leakage and eliminate “break in” runs.

Higher Duty Applications

Our seals are designed for higher speeds and pressures.

Positive Leakage Control

Sealing surfaces are precision lapped to a flatness of one to three light bands, which maintains the necessary face film lubrication, resulting in positive leakage control.

Easily Maintained Face Film Lubrication

Care is taken to furnish precision lapped sealing surfaces with a flatness within three light bands maintaining the necessary face film lubrication.

A Solution For Every Application

Our seals come in a wide variety of materials. Choose the correct combination of elastomer, metallurgy and sealing faces for your application.